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Bienvenue à tous - Welcome to Franco Files UK

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Welcome to Franco Files UK - a place where people can bond over a mutual love of French cinema, music, art, culture + bande dessinée.

In a year (perhaps years?) when travel is neither safe nor feasible, I wanted to find a way to still indulge my love of all things French. Normally I'd just hop on the Eurostar, or go to the Institut français to see a film or take a French class, but instead I've spent the last few months at home - pursuing my interests from the relative safety of my London flat.

It's not ideal, but after letting 2020 get the better of me, it feels good to be engaged and connecting once again. I've reinstalled Duolingo to brush up on my rusty French since lessons stopped last year, picked up some quality French films on DVD/Blu Ray, added a swathe of others to my Netflix queue, and just generally re-immersed myself in all the things I love.

For the time being I'll be working away quietly, sharing the odd post here and there, but this is very much a soft launch as I build the site and start to populate it further. In the meantime, I'd love to hear from others with similar interests and experiences to find out how you're coping with the current restrictions and what you're enjoying at the moment.

To that end, I'll be sharing a mixture of things - old and new - rather than restricting myself to the latest releases. At a time when new productions and events are limited, it's the perfect opportunity to go back and discover all the things you missed, as well as revisit a few old favourites. I hope you'll join me as we find a way to travel without travelling - and when the time comes for us to do it all again, you can expect to see and hear about that as well.


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